As a woman who struggled her whole life with loving her body she was exhausted from the "tried & cried" battle. Where it seemed like the dressing room won every round and left her feeling defeated and feeling invisible to the fashion idustry.

One day she sat in tears, once again a purchase leaving her disapointed in the fit and her body. She looked into the mirror and realized, it wasn't her body that was wrong. The items were made for a bodytype and unrealisitc IDEAL that hardly any woman could measure up to.

So she sat in front of her sewing machine with a few swimsuits from her local thrift store and began to create. Cutting, stitching, fitting, draping, and loving the heck out of her Goddess-given curves!

She had done it, no muffin top, her booty looked amazing, she began to post her creations on social.

Women LOVED it, and she made more. They began to ask for "one in my size", and Rachel realized she was on to something.

In 2019 The Kini Shop was launched, made-to-order, slow-fashion, with your custom curves always on our heart!

  • Sustainability & Slow Fashion Practices

    The Kini Shop headquarters are in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality swim & apparel, outstanding customer service, and a desire to deeply change the way women feel in their own skin. Our garments are manufactured in Captian Cook, Hawaii, where we take caring for our island seriously. Slow fashion reduces waste. From materials used to manufacturing to shipping. As we grow and expand we will keep carbon neutrality at the forefront of expansion. As well as the commitment to create a safe and ethically managed environment. #sweatshopfree


    The Kini Shop has been featured at the BEST OF KONA FESTIVAL & on 365 Hawaii/Kona.

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