YOUR curves are one of a kind!

So there is no reason why your Bikini shouldn't be either!

I'm not sure I have ever met a woman who LOVED the swimwear buying expereince, its the worst next to jeans.

I mean, its getting almost naked, under those circus house mirrors and florecent lighting. I know I have tried and cried in too many dressing rooms only to leave frusterated and somehow seeing my body as the issue.

Since I'm an action type of woman, I solved that problem!

Our Custom Fit approach

Takes into account over 20+ measurements and style adjustments to create your unique Made-to-Order Kini! This slow-fashion approach allows you to select your favorite patters & colors for a one of a kind fully reversible garment.

Your patterns are kept on file for easy re-order, and updating.

All it takes is a 30 minute virtual consultation, some girl-chat and bada boom, magic!

Well there are a few more steps on our side, but the goal to make this expereince virtually painless!

Don't take my word for it...

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