YOUR curves are as unique as YOU!

So there is no reason why your Bikini shouldn't be either!

I'm not sure I have ever met a woman who LOVED the swimwear buying expereince, its the worst next to jeans.

I mean, its getting almost naked, under those circus house mirrors and florecent lighting. I know I have tried and cried in too many dressing rooms only to leave frusterated and somehow seeing my body as the issue.

Since I'm an action type of woman, I solved that problem!

Our Custom Fit approach

One size doesn't fit most, and swimwear is not the place to take chances! Mix & Match Sizes & Coverage options that best fit your curves.

Your Unique patterns & measurements are kept on file for easy re-ordering and updating.

You can submit your measurements through our system or book a private 30 minute virtual consultation if you need support.

Just know, that I GOT YOU & I can't wait to make a Kini just for YOU!

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Easley
Appreciating my body

I've been a fan of Rachel's for years. I'm in the double digits now of custom Kinis I own!😂♥️ The entire process from consultation, to measurements, picking colors/style is so comfortable and easy. I just ordered another kini, this time a playsuit. For a couple weeks leading up to my consultation I was already feeling self conscious about my body... my jeans were tight, I was bloated, having some negative thoughts and comparing by body to others. A couple days beforehand I pulled out some of my kinis to figure out which areas I'd like to highlight and which I'd like a little more coverage. As I took them out I remembered how supportive Rachel is with the whole process and everytime I talk with her it's like catching up with an old friend. She can relate to the struggles we have as women and creates such a positive space to be open and honest. I was so excited I was now dancing around in the Kinis. I told Rachel in our consultation and she was so genuinely happy for me and we celebrated the win together!!!

fantastic fitting

I didn't know what to expect from an online fitting. But Rachel explained every detail and I was able to take measurements that I had never heard of or thought about despite sewing some of my own clothing years ago. Rachel also discussed every aspect of my dream swimsuit. As a swimmer, it's important to me that my swimsuit fits perfectly and all the seams fall in just the right places. Rachel asked lots of questions, and got down to tiny details that I had never thought of before, but are important to me in my swim wear. I can't wait to get my new Kini and take it for a long swim!

Darla Hartvigsen
WOW.......who knew you could get a 'Custom' Designed Bathing Suit just for YOU!!!!

Rachel was professional and really dived in to get to me, my wants/needs and conects with you during the Consultation. She shares her expertise in what she does best, making you feel like a million dollars by creating a custom fit bikini just for you!!! She discusses body types, life lessons, and most of all.... empowering YOU to feel Beautiful in your own Skin!!!! So excited to receive my new custom bikini!!! Mahalo Nui Loa Rachel for sharing your Gift!!! Darla Hartvigsen, Equity Hawaii Real Estate.

Darla!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience of your private fitting. It is my goal to have your bubbling and in love with your curves by the time we are done, sounds like we were successful!! Mahalo, Rach

Delshad Xenakis
The Easiest Fitting Ever!!!

Oh my goodness Rachel is the absolute best at making you feel comfortable with your body! She was so professional and made it a breeze to figure out all my measurements. We had a fun time getting to know each other, learning what styles made me feel comfortable, and she totally made me think outside the box of what I thought would look good on me. I loved being able to see the swatches she had and how she put the colors together. She is an absolute artist of her craft. Thank you so much Rachel! I love all my suits but most of all I love I made a great girlfriend! Xoxoxo

Rachel Frederick is a Body Wizard!

From the first moment of my consultation, I felt so comfortable, relaxed and at ease ss she walked me through measuring myself over Zoom. It was Soo easy and fast! Then I got my amazing suit in the mail packaged so beautifully and with so much care. And my suit?! Omg literally made for my body?!? So perfect, so well made! Save yourself all the heartache And stress over bikini shopping and book s consultation with Rachel, you will never go back to buying bikinis any other way!