How do I care for my Kini?

Best Practices to Care for Your Kini to keep it feeling fresh & lasting year after year:

  1. Rinse after wear : Rinse with cool water, hot water can effect spandex & nylon causing stretching and fading.
  2. Hang to dry : drip dry in a cool place. Air dry fully between wearing. (alternating swim wear if you can) DO NOT toss into the dryer, the heat can melt and cause deterioration to elastics & finishes on materials.
  3. Say No to Detergents and limit contact to Lotions & Sprays : Chemicals can effect the fibers and cause early fabric "death"... leading to wear, holes and snags.

Things to Avoid:

- Rocks & Textures: these will increase the chance of micro tears, ie: lava rock, gravel, constant rubbing on sand, etc.

- Mixing hot & cold : This causes the Chemicals in the Spandex/Nylon to expand and contract at an increased rate. Loosing "snap back" and decrease elastic performance over time. If you do a Chlorine Pool & Hot Tube Mix, just make sure to rinse shortly after with cool clean water and layout flat to dry completely.

- Avoid "natural springs" : We suggest you avoid wearing your Kinis into hot springs, mud baths, mineral ponds, etc. Wear something you don't mind getting stained, snagged, stretched out or chemically deteriorated. Trust us, it does happen and will greatly reduce the life-time of your Kini!

Our Kini's are known to last for YEARS, when worn and cared for properly.

What is Range? Why do I need to choose one?


Range is our Mission Driven solution to managing our textile inventory. One that gives you the MOST up to date options of colors & prints to select during the ordering process for your Custom Made-to-Order Kini.

We don't believe that you are a size, you are much more, yet we do need to know how much fabric will be needed for the styles you are selecting. Since measurements are received after an order is placed, we are left guessing about how much fabric to order. This can cause delays and over/under ordering... honestly a nightmare!! We want to make sure the prints & colors YOU selected when you ordered, we will have in stock to make & deliver!

We are very mindful of the limited options and honestly blatant disregard for the plus size community in fashion, especially swimwear. Issues varying from limited (or no) style selection, to ridiculous sizing variations to even differing cheaper fabrics, and no fun color options.

It is our Mission to serve women as YOU are, because your curves are custom!

We hope this process is one that honors your curves and allows us to deliver a stellar shopping experience all around!

See Range Chart

Why are your Kini's Reversible?

All our Kini's are reversible! It's like 2 for one!!!

  1. This give you a superior quality product, not only in garment weight and how it feels in your hands, But on your curves!
  2. This allows the elastic to be hidden and reduces pinching, "bulges" and adds longevity to the elastic.
  3. Reversibility guarantees "no show" for those sensitive areas - with two full layers of high quality fabric, it is just better than one plus a cheap "lining". If you are concerned, know our doubled lighter colors (ie: white on white) are triple enforced with an additional third nude mesh lining to further protect show-through.

Things to note about reversibility: sometimes you will get a "pop" of the opposite side at the edges along some curves while wearing, so have this in mind when choosing your Side A/B options!

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of Custom, we do not allow returns. Are items are Made-to-order.

We do honor "fit issues" and will guarantee the fit of your Kini with the return of your UNWORN "not-perfect" pieces. We have a 2 try's policy. That means, We will get your perfect fit on the Second try! If we can't then we will honor a refund/return on your Kini.

Issues due to guessing or ill taken measurement that are submitted without a virtual Consultation can not be returned. Please Check our videos for a complete walk-through to get the MOST ACCURATE measurements possible.

Issues due to the incorrect care (see CARE FAQ) or wearing of swimwear will not be accepted.

All garments are inspected for quality prior to being shipped. Issues like: Strap Connection, seam manufacturing, tears, holes, snags, loose threads, etc. If sent out we believe it to be delivered to you at our highest quality standards. If you receive your Kini with above concerns (within 21 days and UNWORN), please email rachel@thekinishop.com with an image of the concern and I will handle it on case by case basis.